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Posted on 7 August 2019

Do You Have a Defamation Case?

You can’t control what others say about you, but in certain situations, you may be able to do something about it. If someone attacks, or “defames,” your character, and the damage brings you harm, you...

Posted on 24 July 2019

4 Things to Consider Before Entering a Business Partnership

Starting a business with a partner brings many benefits, including having someone to help celebrate your successes. You’ll also find it’s easier to raise capital and get business loans when you have at least two...

Posted on 10 July 2019

Dividing Your Business in a Partnership Divorce

Breaking up is hard to do, even when that breakup is a professional one. If it’s time to part ways with your business partner, you probably already realize the process will be complicated. You’ll need...

Posted on 26 June 2019

How to Divorce Your Business Partner Without Bad Feelings

A business partnership can be very much like a marriage. You’ll have disagreements, but hopefully you’ll work well together and build something good. Unfortunately, though, like marriages, sometimes partnerships don’t work out and when that...

Posted on 12 June 2019

Understanding Non-Compete Agreements in Virginia

A non-compete agreement offers some protection to a business. It’s designed to prevent departing employees from becoming your competition, but this legal paperwork only works if the courts in your area uphold it. It’s important...