This video addresses the common client concern of inadequate communication from attorneys regarding case updates. To proactively address this issue, Thomas Law has implemented a systematic approach which involves the following:

1. Docketing Meetings: Regular weekly meetings are held among attorneys and support staff to review the status of each case. The discussions range from detailed and strategic considerations to brief updates. This ensures that cases are actively managed and not left untouched for extended periods.

2. Proactive Client Updates: The firm aims to provide periodic updates to clients before they need to reach out for information. This commitment to transparency involves promptly sharing any developments or information related to the client’s case.

3. Assigned Legal Support: Each case is assigned a legal assistant or paralegal who promptly shares documents received with the client. This initial information allows the client to be informed about the case’s progress.

4. Attorney Follow-Up: After receiving documents, an attorney contacts the client to provide additional insights, explain legal documents or correspondence, and develop a strategy for the case. This step ensures that clients not only receive information promptly but also understand the implications and next steps.

5. Complete Transparency: The overarching goal is to eliminate any disconnect between what the law firm knows about a case and what the client is informed of. By establishing a transparent and proactive communication process, the firm aims to address clients’ concerns and keep them well-informed throughout the lifecycle of their legal matters.