This video outlines the five key pieces of information that should be provided prior to an initial legal consultation:

1. Copy of the Complaint: A detailed copy of the complaint along with all exhibits is crucial for understanding the issues at hand. If the client lacks this document, Thomas Law encourages them to inform the office, as assistance in obtaining it can be provided.

2. Date and Method of Service: Information about when and how the complaint was served is vital. Whether it was received through mail, taped to a door, given to a family member, or handed in person, the specifics are crucial for determining the validity of the service.

3. Demand Letter: If the client has received a demand letter from the opposing attorney, it should be provided. This letter, typically on attorney letterhead, may contain instructions or requests that need to be understood in the context of the case.

4. Copy of the Contract: Any agreement governing the relationship between the client and the other party is essential. This could be a shareholder agreement, operating agreement, customer contract, or any other form of agreement. The form of the agreement is not important; what matters is having a copy, especially if it’s signed.

5. Summary or Timeline: If the client has compiled a summary or timeline outlining important people, dates, and activities related to the issues at hand, providing a copy of this document is encouraged. This will help the attorney understand the key issues to be discussed during the consultation.

This information will greatly aid in understanding and addressing the relevant issues during the consultation.