What is Commercial Litigation?

Businesses face a variety of legal risks, from worker injuries to customer complaints to contract disputes. Fairfax, VA commercial litigation attorneys work with a wide range of business types, spanning all possible industries. When a business contacts an attorney for help with a legal issue, the first step is to learn as much as possible about the company and the case, at which point an attorney can begin to partner with that business to provide legal counsel. Commercial litigation simply refers to legal services provided to companies and organizations. Here are a few types of cases commercial litigators handle.

Contract Disputes

It takes a stack of paperwork to start and run a legally protected business. Many entrepreneurs secure legal counsel from the very beginning to ensure they have the right contracts in place. Even then, though, disputes can arise, at which point it may become necessary to seek legal advice. Whenever something in a business contract is called into question, a commercial litigator is the best resource to help sort things out.

Breach of Fiduciary Duties

Business owners, their employees, and their board members are often trusted with company assets. When trusted “fiduciaries” act in their own best interests, it is considered a breach of fiduciary duties. Fairfax, VA litigation attorneys regularly deal with situations where a business owner misappropriates funds or property for personal use. In some instances, these cases may also be litigated as fraud.

Copyright and Trademark Issues

Intellectual property is an important part of running a business. Everything from your logo design to a unique way you provide a particular service can be stolen by a competitor. Commercial litigators help keep another business from opening down the street from you and copying your hard work. This includes guiding you through applying for copyrights and trademarks and ensuring you are being 100 percent original in the creative decisions you make.

Class Action Lawsuits

When a number of individuals come together to take legal action, it’s called a class action lawsuit. If your business finds itself at the other end of such a lawsuit, it’s important to get an attorney specializing in this type of legal work. Often these lawsuits will be multijurisdictional, which means that if your business is in Fairfax, VA, your area litigator will work with the other attorneys on the case to get the court to choose a jurisdiction for the case to be tried.

Fairfax, VA businesses can protect themselves by choosing a commercial litigation attorney as early on as possible. The right attorneys can ensure you have the guidance you need as you draft legal documents or have general or specific questions about the way you run your business.

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