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Posted on 20 February 2018

How Do I Break My Lease Due to Building Issues?

Residential and commercial leases are contracts. This means breaching a term of the lease could result in a contract dispute and hiring a contract lawyer to handle the ensuing real estate litigation. This is particularly...

Posted on 13 February 2018

What to Know When Entering Into a Commercial Lease

A commercial lease is a very important contract that establishes a foundation for a successful business. But if not properly prepared and negotiated, it can become the source of a legal dispute or serve as...

Posted on 6 February 2018

What Is Constructive Eviction?

The tenant of a residential or commercial lease has the right to use the leased property as long as certain conditions are met. The biggest condition is the payment of rent, but there will be...

Posted on 1 February 2018

How to Avoid Commercial Lease Disputes

If you’re a commercial tenant or landlord in the Maryland, Virginia or DC area, you are legally bound by the terms of a commercial lease. To violate the lease’s terms could result in a legal...

Posted on 23 January 2018

Extension of a Commercial Lease

One way commercial leases differ from residential leases is that the lease terms are for longer periods of time, such as three, five or seven years. But the end of a commercial lease term doesn’t...