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Thomas Law can help you restore your credit and get financial compensation for inaccurate reporting. We know the law, the challenges, and the process.

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The benefits of a good score

  • Get a car loan
  • Buy a house
  • Get a better job
  • Qualify for a security clearance

The cost of a bad score

A bad credit report can cost you thousands of dollars a year. Consider the mother of all debt – your home mortgage. Let’s say you borrow $250,000 on a 30-year loan mortgage with a fixed interest rate. Here’s how a bad score can add up:


Midly Damaged


3.9 %
5.0 %
6.3 %


$ 1,179.17
$ 1,342.05
$ 1,547.43

Cost of bad credit

$ 0
$ 58,637
$ 132,574

Fighting to Protect You, Your Credit and Your Rights

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No upfront fees. You only pay if we win the case. That’s because we work on a contingency fee basis. (You may be responsible for costs or expenses related to the case.)

We represent hard-working military personnel and government contractors who have mistakes on their credit reports and need practical legal assistance. We help investigate, dispute, and fix errors. We get results. You can be next.

Get a credit repair lawyer on your side

I contacted Ms. Thomas based on another review that I read, which turned out to be the best decision I ever made. Not only did she help erase the reoccurring consumer case that has been haunting me for 16 yrs but she even went back to clear the original case that I had very little information about! Ms. Thomas kept me well informed throughout the entire process, all while being very thorough, professional, responsive, and comforting. She did not overwhelm me with the legal jargon without explaining to me what everything meant, both good and bad. If you are ever in need of an attorney that will walk with you during every step of the process, I definitely recommend that you read this review and contact Ms. Thomas immediately. You won’t regret it.


From the start, using Avvo, i reached out to 2 other law firms and both highly recommended Margeaux. She is a great lawyer, and knows what to do, and what cards to play at the right time. Through her expertise, she found the need to reach out and add an additional firm who’s specialty was class action. We had a favorable resolution out of court because of her experience. Has knowledge of military and banking issues. Would definitely recommend again.