Contract Dispute Attorney – Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C.

Individuals and businesses face a myriad of issues brought about by varying economic conditions, and ever-changing state and federal laws.  These issues sometimes result in unpredictable litigation.  Whether you need an attorney to pursue a claim in court or defend against a lawsuit that has been filed against you or your business, Thomas Law is here to help.Thomas Law has successfully represented both businesses and their constituents in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., both as plaintiffs and defendants, in a broad range of litigation matters involving:

Contract Disputes
Business Torts – Fraud, Conspiracy, Tortious Interference
Mechanic’s Liens
Partnership and Shareholder Disputes
Franchise Disputes
Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Claims
Trust and Estate Litigation
Intellectual and Trademark Litigation

When you have a contract dispute, whether it is with a business partner, an employer or other, you have a disagreement over the terms set forth in your contract. If you have experienced a breach of contract and one of the parties involved has not abided by the promise they made in the contract, we can help you achieve a resolution.


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