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Posted on 16 May 2018

Can a Tenant Grow Pot in a Leased Apartment in DC?

Thomas Law was recently involved in litigating a case where the question arose, “Can a tenant be evicted for growing pot in a leased apartment in Washington, DC?”  With the growing movement towards legalization of...

Posted on 10 May 2018

Is the Cost of Pest Control the Responsibility of the Tenant or Landlord in DC?

If a tenant lives in a multi-unit building in DC and two or more of the units are infested, the landlord is responsible for the extermination of the pests or vermin (i.e. roaches, rats, or...

Posted on 2 May 2018

What Happens if Tenant Fails to Pay the Court Ordered Protective Order Amount into Court Registry?

In DC Landlord Tenant Court, if a party requests a protective order the Court will hold what is known as a Bell Hearing to establish an amount that the tenant is required to pay into...

Posted on 27 April 2018

What is a Bell Hearing and What Do I Need to Do to Prepare?

A Bell Hearing is held to determine the amount of money a DC tenant will need to pay into the Court registry while their landlord tenant case is pending.  Given the extended length of time...

Posted on 4 April 2018

Commercial Eviction Procedure in Virginia

Under Virginia law, when a commercial tenant defaults on a lease agreement for non-payment of rent or breach of a lease obligation, the landlord can move for eviction through the judicial process by filing what...