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Hiring an experienced business attorney is as crucial as having a good accountant. From forming a new business, to selling that business, and everything in between, ThomasLaw can help companies achieve success.

Areas of Specialization

Contracts. ThomasLaw assists you in putting contracts in place to protect your business. Not only do we advise you while drafting the contract, we can aid in the negotiations, discuss with you the effect of any proposed contract modifications, finalize the deal, and provide follow-up to ensure compliance with the contract provisions.

We routinely assist clients with the following types of agreements:

⦁ Independent contractor agreements;
⦁ Non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements;
⦁ Consulting agreements;
⦁ Sales and purchase agreements;
⦁ Financing arrangements – promissory notes, security agreements, liens, guaranty agreements, contribution agreements, subordination agreements, and indemnification agreements.

Formation. Deciding whether a corporation, limited liability company, or other partnership, best suits your business purpose is not always an easy task. Our attorneys work closely with you to determine which business entity is best with your goals in mind. We can also make needed changes to an existing business entity, such as converting from one business type to another, merging entities, or domesticating your business in another jurisdiction.

Real Estate. Commercial lease agreements are complex and usually written with the best interests of the landlord in mind. Some business owners mistakenly believe that these agreements are non-negotiable. However, in many cases ThomasLaw attorneys can draft and negotiate provisions that can be included in your lease to protect your business.



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