Excellent Knowledge and Professionalism

Excellent Knowledge and Professionalism

Doyle, hired attorney

“This is the first time I’ve ever had to take legal action on anything and had no idea even if I had a case. I contacted Margeaux through email and she responded quickly as well as called me to discuss my issue. After explaining my issue, she immediately knew I had a case and started to give me advice about my options. She explained her hourly rate but also offered a more affordable flat fee based on the case. We talked for at least an hour and she didn’t once try to push her services on me, she was just helpful. I could have just taken the advice she gave me and gone at it on my own, but I decided to hire her due to her knowledge and professionalism. I am glad I did! She managed to save me a lot more money than I could have ever done if I chose to do it on my own. Money well spent.”

Very responsive

Carita Marrisette, hired attorney

“Ms. Thomas helped me settle a claim to get money back on a claim. She was very thorough and had additional resources available to aid in the process. She is very quick in responding to phone calls and emails (even after hours) to make sure I was kept up to date. I would definitely recommend her services.”

Excellent Candid Results Oriented Lawyer

Kramer Keller, hired attorney

“Margeaux was responsive, decisive, and results oriented. We were successful and will engage her again whenever needed.

Margeaux helped us to successfully resolve a dispute in our favor. She was straight forward and to the point. She was efficient, she listened to our arguments and when we wanted more, she heard the logic and fought for us above and beyond instead of taking the easy route. It was great to have someone take care of things, walk us through each step and to trust it could be off our plate and in good hands. Thanks, Margeaux.”


The absolute best experience

Curtis, hired attorney

“I contacted Ms. Thomas based on another review that I read, which turned out to be the best decision I ever made. Not only did she help erase the reoccurring consumer case that has been haunting me for 16 yrs but she even went back to clear the original case that I had very little information about! Ms. Thomas kept me well informed throughout the entire process, all while being very thorough, professional, responsive, and comforting. She did not overwhelm me with the legal jargon without explaining to me what everything meant, both good and bad. If you are ever in need of an attorney that will walk with you during every step of the process, I definitely recommend that you read this review and contact Ms. Thomas immediately. You won’t regret it :-)”


Knowledgeable, relatable, smart, persistent, gets results

Beth, Hired attorney

“Margeaux was a dream come true for us from the onset. I had been trying to help my cousin through the maze of an unjust ruling (discontinuance of insurance benefits) from Kaiser. When I finally realized that I needed power from an attorney to fight Kaiser – as the company is poorly run, is not an advocate of its customers, employs uneducated customer support reps, and will never allow you to speak with people making decisions- I looked for someone to help. Through our financial advisor, I got in touch with a lawyer who suggested all kinds of good responses to Kaiser but then left us in the dust with misinformation and an inability to sign a contract with us. I was told that it never works for an individual to formally question a large medical services company. I turned to my husband’s company’s lawyer and she found Margeaux. She immediately related to us that she had had issues with insurance companies in the past and understood our position. She helped us follow through with Kaiser’s process for complaints, and, when that didn’t work, too it to the State’s Board of Insurance. The Board, with Margeaux’s help, worked with Kaiser to try to get the facts, and like us, found inconsistencies with all of the feedback and information that Kaiser supplied with respect to my cousin’s case. The Board directed Kaiser to reinstate my cousin!!

Margeaux was also very good at detailing her time and efforts with respect to her billing– and the payment is so easy online with a credit card.

The only part of this story that caused me pain is that the Board never formally declared that Kaiser had done anything wrong and that we were reinstated as a courtesy–that all our time and efforts and dollars were not taken into account when evaluating the disgraceful way Kaiser dealt with us (and probably thousands of others). I take this as a statement that the Board and the insurance companies have private agreements.

But, Margeaux accomplished what we contracted with her to do, and that was to get my cousin reinstated.

If anyone is considering having Margeaux help him or her, I would be happy to have a conversation – she is a very good lawyer.”