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Completely Honest

Completely Honest


Margeaux was the first attorney I contacted when my landlord started harrassing me, and I’m so glad I did. After the free consultation, I hired her to review my lease and she gave me possible next steps in my predicament. She was completely honest about my options and sincerely interested in a favorable outcome for me and my family with the least possible financial or emotional burden for us. Not once did I feel that she was pushing me toward filing a lawsuit.

I hired her for a lengthy legal battle and she was professional, knowledgeable, and discerning. She is very sharp, and incredibly responsive to emails. She helped us settle our case to a favorable conclusion. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.

Incredibly Responsive


Margeaux is very sharp, and incredibly responsive. She seemed genuinely interested in seeing our problem resolved in a favorable manner to our family with as little financial or emotional cost to us as possible. She is realistic about outcomes but also results oriented. She helped us settle our case to a favorable conclusion. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.

Patient and Thorough

Evelyn Denwiddie, Tenant Eviction Client

Patient and thorough is how I would describe Ms. Thomas. I believe that my case initially presented a challenge because I was trying to evict a tenant who was making DC’s marijuana laws work for him and who also was not paying his rent.

Ms. Thomas thoroughly researched the topic and patiently presented various options to me. Was I able to evict the tenant? No. However based on Ms. Thomas’ negotiation skills and advice she gave to me, he is back on track.

For tenant evictions, I definitely recommend hiring Ms. Thomas. She was also helpful during the mediation process because the mediator suggested that we come back to court when doing so was not necessary. She could have said sure and that would have cost me more money and time. Instead, she questioned the purpose of another hearing until the mediator finally agreed that it wasn’t necessary.

Excellent Knowledge and Professionalism

Doyle, hired attorney

“This is the first time I’ve ever had to take legal action on anything and had no idea even if I had a case. I contacted Margeaux through email and she responded quickly as well as called me to discuss my issue. After explaining my issue, she immediately knew I had a case and started to give me advice about my options. She explained her hourly rate but also offered a more affordable flat fee based on the case. We talked for at least an hour and she didn’t once try to push her services on me, she was just helpful. I could have just taken the advice she gave me and gone at it on my own, but I decided to hire her due to her knowledge and professionalism. I am glad I did! She managed to save me a lot more money than I could have ever done if I chose to do it on my own. Money well spent.”

Very responsive

Carita Marrisette, hired attorney

“Ms. Thomas helped me settle a claim to get money back on a claim. She was very thorough and had additional resources available to aid in the process. She is very quick in responding to phone calls and emails (even after hours) to make sure I was kept up to date. I would definitely recommend her services.”